'07 Silverado 4.3L low Oil Pressure at idle

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by DaveH, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. DaveH

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    ’07 Silverado 1500, 4.3L engine, 15,XXX miles. Cold engine oil pressure at idle = 40+ lbs, at hiway speed = 40+ lbs. With engine at full operating temperature, oil pressure at idle drops to 20 lbs, at hiway speed goes back to 40+ lbs. This is with conventional 5W30 oil. I changed to Mobil 1 5W30, same result. My question is what is causing the oil pressure to drop to 20 (at idle) when the engine is at full operating temperature? And, what can/should be done to correct this problem? My previous truck (’05 Silverado, 4.3L, 155,000 miles) held 40+ lbs of oil pressure even at full operating temp. I’m concerned the low oil pressure will cause decreased engine life. Thanks for any help/advice you can provide. DaveH
  2. Crawdaddy

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    My 91 Suburban does a similar thing, except my pressures are much higher. I start out at close to 60 psi, and works its way down to 30-45psi after heating up. I'm not quite sure if this is normal or not, but it's always done it, and done it so consistently I never really thought about it.
  3. DaveH

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    Christopher, Thanks for the response. My truck runs fine, it's just that the oil pressure is considerably different from the other 4.3L engines I've had. In those engines ('05 Silverado & '99 Blazer) the oil pressure never drops under 40 lbs when warm. Actually, I've owned several Chevy's with the 5.7L and a Tahoe with the 5.3L and none of them ever drop under 40 lbs either. The '07 is "different" for some reason. Thanks again.
  4. chevyss2500hd

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    oil pressure

    hey, this all sounds normal... if you rev and the oil pressure goes up. well thats normal. and also youve got a 07 you should have no worries mr warranty. 2002 2500hd180,000 and still smokes stock mustang gt's. also dont stomp on the throttle until about 7minutes of normal driving. so that everything is lubed , and up to temp.

    oh yah , the high oil presure also its goto geto every whrer fast wile the motor starts;lol
  5. no0b123

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    I have the same engine, and the same issue. I don't know why but if I drive like a granny (slow, easy paced) for about a week then the oil pressure goes to "normal". And if I drive like a Mutha' then the oil pressure goes crazzzy. My advice, drive easy and don't worry about it.

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