07 Silverado Classic Left Speaker... Now she works... .Now she doesn't

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  1. kvert

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    Ok this one got me confused. Yesteday I got in the truck for work and left speaker had no audio in door except the tweeter. doesn't cut in or out, no popping or crackling like a blown speaker would do. I left work and got in truck and the speaker was working fine. :no:

    So I thought ok maybe I will keep an eye on it. got in the truck this morning and again no sound as if someone unplugged the speaker. Tweeter still going during all this.
    I have read others having this issue with no resolution. Some have replaced the head unit and still having problems. Seen speakers replaced and yet still a problem.

    Any Ideas? anyone no a real solution to what seems to be somewhat common problem?

    07 Silverado Classic 5.3L Z71 4x4
  2. ippielb

    ippielb New Member

    Maybe its just a connection to the speaker, try taking your door panel off and checking the wires.
  3. DJ Galloway

    DJ Galloway New Member

    Man, I got the same problem!
  4. kvert

    kvert New Member

    I noticed one thing so far.

    It seems to only be a problem in the morning when it's cooler. I will post more on what I find when I get it fixed. Gonna get a new voltage meter since the one I have is unreliable and check the voltage at the speaker when it's occurring. This should tell me if it's the speaker or not at least. Then I will have to pin it down to the radio or wiring.

  5. BigRed07

    BigRed07 New Member

    dudeee, I have the exact same problem. usually occurs in the AM and after i get in my truck after work the speaker works fine..its been freaking me out. please keep us updated on what you find...do u have factory speakers or aftermarket? i have factory and just think it could be because they are so old and ****ty.
  6. kvert

    kvert New Member


    Yeah I have factory. We bought the truck last fall and havn't really changed anything on it. From past experience I have never seen temperatures effect the function of a speaker, but I have seen it effect electronics. But it usually reacts just the opposite with electronics, works when cold and stops when warming up..... I get a meter today so I have it on hand.

  7. jtbionics

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    Hi!!,, I got the same problem, but in my case, both left speaker have the problem,, front and rear! (double cab). When they begins to work,, the first is the rear and 20 minutes after, front does!.
    Does aneyone has found the cause ??


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    Solved..!!! Just change the speaker!!

    ..... from kvert......
    " ... Yes sorry I should of posted it. Replace the speaker... This is the first time I have ever seen a speaker react this way. I was able to monitor the signal feed to the speaker when it occurred and found that the signal had not changed. I plugged in another temporary spare speaker I had from my stereo system to find that it worked. So I went and bought replacements for both doors and have no more issues. plus it sounds better. lol... "

    Thank you very much!
  8. bwhitt86

    bwhitt86 New Member

    It could be a few different things. Alot of times the speaker wire wears in the door boot. It could be partially broken and when you open and close the door it may connect it momentarily until you open it again. Just open and shut the doors a few times and see if it goes on and off for that the brett solution is just to run some new speaker wire. Another possibilty is the speaker is blown. The voice coil can seperate from the speaker and alot of times it will work at some point and then not. You can test the speaker for resistance and if its a stock speaker it should be around 4 ohm. Or if you have a amplified stock system like bose the channel on the amp can be going out. But if you really want to figure it out start by taking off the door panel which is cake and shouldn't take more than a few minutes and bench test the speaker. If it is bose its a little more complicated to fix or replace so hopefully its not.
  9. mudislife2

    mudislife2 New Member

    Ok I need help here also. When the inside of my truck is below 50 degrees somtimes higher, none of the speakers work at all not even the tweeters. They just make a consistant poping noise even with the key off and the doors open. After it warms up they work great until the truck gets cold again. All the wires are hooked up tight and fuses are fine, I just cant figure it out and it is really annoying if it doesnt get above 30 degrees out side. If you have any info please let me know. I dont think It is the speakers that are bad because they all do it at the same exact time. Oh I forgot its the bose 6 speaker. Any help will be great!
  10. crghou

    crghou New Member

    also similar problem thanks
  11. bwhitt86

    bwhitt86 New Member

    It could either be a speaker or speakers grounding out or a problem with the amp. If a speaker grounds it means the speaker is bad like the voice coil seperated or somn or there is a break in the wire and its touching a ground. If a speaker grounds out it puts the amp into protect mode meaning it just shuts off the amp so no sound but the radio will still be working. When it pops listen to see if its coming out of one or two speakers or is every speaker. If it comes out of a certain speaker and not all it means the speaker that pops is the speaker thats grounding out. You can test it by disconnecting all of the speakers but make sure the amp and deck are still operational. Then connect one speaker by itself and see if it produces sound. If it doesnt produce sound thats the speaker thats grounding out. But make sure you test every single one by itself the same way cause it can be more than one grounding out. Then test the speaker and make sure its got the right resistance. If the speaker isnt bad then its a break in the speaker wire touching metal so you either need to trace it to the source which usually they break in the boot area or run new speaker wire. But if the speaker is bad your gonna have to either replace it with the same bose speaker because aftermarket speakers will not work with the amp. The only way to do it if your gonna go aftermarket is to replace all the speakers and either add an amp or powered deck.The stock deck itself just sends signal so it wont power the speakers.
    If the popping is from all the speakers its gonna be the bose amp. So in that case your either gonna have to replace with an aftermarket amp or spend the ridiculous amount of money for the stock bose amp. Or you can replace all the speakers and the amp with all aftermarket stuff. Also you can replace the deck but you have to replace the speakers also cause they run at a weird ohm load like 2 ohms and any aftermarket deck is made to run at 4 so it will just overheat the deck and put it into protect.
    Overall either way its gonna be better to go aftermarket. Its gonna be cheaper and sound alot better than the bose system. Bose in short is crap. People think it sounds awesome because it has more bass than the average stock system. No highs no lows must be bose. If you want good sound then get a good aftermarket system. Bose is a glorified stock system. The speakers are cheaply made and not made to last. Its pure mids. When I buy a new pickup I wouldnt get a radio or speakers in it at all if I could because I just tear everything out anyway. Thats my take let me know if it helps
  12. mudislife2

    mudislife2 New Member

    Ok, it is all six speakers poping at the same time every time. Aftermarket is a better option than buying the new bose amp. But I have a few questions about installing after market.
    1. If I get a head unit with no amp, is there a wiring harness that I can use to bypass where the bose amp is hooked up at?
    2. if I get a head unit with an amp, is there a wiring harness that I can use to plug the new amp in where the bose amp was?
    3. Or will i just have to rip out the bose speakers, wires, amp and radio and start from scratch? I would hope not. If i have to start from scratch with it I will leave it alone and deal with it for a while longer. lol spring will be here soon :)
    Thanks for your input.
  13. bwhitt86

    bwhitt86 New Member

    The amp is really easy to get to. Just pull out the cupholder below the radio it just has tabs. But yeah you have to bypass the amp either way. There are two harnesses on the amp one from the deck and one to the speakers. My boss told me he was able to use a couple harnesses to bypass it but I haven't done it and if you do you have to switch some pins around in the harness. It would be less costly to just cut off the wires you need. There are alot of wires in that harness you don't need. I can probly find the colors for you. If you are going the new deck route you need to buy speaker savers because like I was sayin some of the speakers run at like 2 ohm and most any aftermarket deck has a built in amp that wont take anything under 4 ohm. Basically if you hook it up without the caps the deck will overheat and shut off the amp putting it into protect mode. Speaker caps are about 10 bucks per pair. If instead you get a 4 channel amp it actually makes it real easy to put in considering all the wire you need are right there you don't even have to pull the radio. You just need the standerd amp kit plus an extra rca cable. Plus you will need a line out converter since stock decks don't have pre outs. So getting a new deck would be less costy but it will sound better if you get a 4 channel. Id probly go with a new deck and use the amp from that to power the speakers considering im sure you stock radio will soon follow the path your amp did. I let me know if you want those wire colors sorry it took me a bit to reply
  14. mudislife2

    mudislife2 New Member

    If you can get me the wire colors and such that would be wonderful. I appricate it alot. Any recomendations on a good priced set of speakers that would fit in the stock spots? I have 2 tweeters, two 8 inch speakers (i guess they are subs?) and two smaller speakers in the back. I am a pioneer fan but if there is somthing better that doesnt cost alot and sounds good, than I would try that. Thanks alot for your help
  15. Racemx107

    Racemx107 New Member

    Fixed it!! Wire damaged in door boot

    Hey guys I was having this same problem but I figured it out! So i have a 08 and my driver door speaker was doing the same when i opened door, the chime would go away and come back and some days speaker would work and some days not so one day while music was playing with door open i grabbed the door boot, moved it around and realized it was cutting in and out when i did that, so i wiggled it around alil more hoping it would find a good spot and it completely stopped working so today i went out and took door panel off to test light both speaker wires well one was damged in the door boot somewhere so i just ran a new wire threw and now it works great!!! Hope this helps
  16. duckduckdog

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