07 silverado LT (starting problems)???

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by joeyb5423, Jan 14, 2012.

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    I am the second owner of a 2007 silverado LT reg cab 2WD 5.3L. I bought the truck in 2009 when it had 31,000 miles. I added a cold air intake and had flowmaster exhaust put on it and besides placing new tires on it at around 60000 miles and servicing the truck every 4000 to 5000 miles it has never given me any problems exept one thing (starting in any temp below 32 degrees)
    Currently it has 74,000 miles on it.

    So my question is..... Every year that I have owned the truck it runs great all year and when winter comes around and the temp drops below 32 degrees my keyless entry, headlights, and radio work but when I turn the key the truck does nothing. Now if I wait till it warms up outside to around 40 degrees it fires right up and gives me no problem. I have replaced the old battery last month... thinking it could be this and still when it freezes outside it just want start. When its like this I cant even jump it off I have to wait till it warms up and then it acts as if nothing was ever wrong and runs great. so if anyone may know what it causing this please reply or my email is shorty6318@hotmail.com

    P.S. the first year I got it and it did this It still had the 36000 bumper to bumper warranty so I took it to the dealer and of course they said they could not find anything...so im at a lost of what to do any ideas???? Thanks, Joey
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    Well if you took it to the dealer under warranty I would take it back and tell them its still doing it, this should have been recorded by the dealership that you were having starting issues while it was still under warranty. MAKE them keep it over night outside and be there in the morrning when they start it. You could still get it fixed under a warranty if they can find a problem now, as they possible didnt even try and cold start it last time. Sometimes it really just takes some assertiveness to get the dealer to do what you want, there is obviously something wrong with the truck. Also if it keeps persisting bring it in everytime, an angry customer at the dealership does not make them happy, start pushing the lemon law if you have to.

    Have you checked ALL grounds? Follow both lines coming form the battery and make sure there is no corrosion (greenish-blue) on the contacts for the starter. With the cold temps and especially living in georgia were you have freezing in the morning but it will always get above freezing you could be building condensation somewhere and as soon as it warms up it drips off or clears enough to be able to start.

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    Do you live close to another Chevy dealership, tell them you will take your business to them if they cant/wont/ or just arent smart enough to figure it out. The dealership in my hometown is crap, so we go to one 25 miles away, service like you wouldnt believe, I have 2 good friends that work for the hometown dealership and I still wont buy from them, believe me its a sore spot for a dealership to lose business to another town that sells the same product.
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    thanks a lot ill try this and see what happens

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