'07 Silverado RH-Side Powered Mirror Replacement

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    I had a mishap backing out of my garage the other day and shattered the mirror on the passenger side of my '07 Silverado. Fearing the worst, I was expecting to have to replace the entire mirror assembly (internet prices range from $90-180 w/o installation), but after some refitting of the mirror assembly I found that everything fit back together good as new and the power mirror adjustment still worked just fine. So I just needed a replacement mirror. After calling around to a few places without much luck (the dealer actually insisted that I come in to have the entire assembly replaced), I was fortunate to find a specialty body shop that just had the mirrors in stock. Because the new body style Silverado's/Sierra's mirrors all have a heating element, they cost more than double what the non-heated, old body style does, but it is still only about $50. This also means that you cannot simply install a new mirror over an old broken one (I received this advice from more than one person), the heating element connections get in the way, plus I imagine it would look like crap.
    Here is the brand I ended up with: http://www.burcoinc.com/products/redi_cuts/

    Installation is messy, but pretty easy:

    Tools needed: flathead screwdriver, gloves, protective eye-wear and have a shopvac handy for cleanup.

    1) The mirror bracket pops out of the motor casing in the mirror assembly. Careful not to break the heating element wires when doing this.

    2) Carefully pry the old broken mirror out. Take your time making sure not to break the bracket while doing this. Glass will go EVERYWHERE. Make sure to remove all of the adhesive/mirror/heating element so the new mirror will mount flush.

    3) Apply the new mirror with included adhesive, reconnect the heating element wires and pop the mirror bracket back into the assembly.
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    Great how to! If you have a camera handy it is always nice to add a few pics for the visual effect.

    (moved to the "write ups" section)
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    Sorry, no pics. I was a little apprehensive about the project...cheap fixes usually turn out to look like cheap fixes, so I didn't think to do a writeup on it until I was 3/4 of the way done and it looked like this cheap fix was going to turn out to OEM standards.

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