07 tahoe rims on my 99 Suburban- CL score!

Discussion in 'Photo & Video Gallery' started by Family Force 6, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Tread was getting shallow on my suburban so started scouring craigslist. Found a guy who just bought an 07 Tahoe and immediately put custom rims. He asked $500 for his stock 17" rims and tires, I offered $425 and he took it. The tires are Capitol Precision Trac II, which I've never heard of but some research made me comfortable with them. Then I discovered this things are almost BRAND NEW- manufactured 1/2013. My stock 16" rims where looking pretty beat up (was actually considering powdercoating them black). Got them installed today in time for my wife's birthday (it's her daily driver). I love the look of it! And it rides much nicer with the P-rated tires vs the load range E's I had on there previously. They're a little taller (265/70/17 vs the stock 245/75/16) and wider. Big time score! I figure I'll be able to get $150 for my 16" rims and matching LT tires, but we'll see.
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    Make sure you re-program the ECU on your Suburban so it knows that it has taller tires. The new tires you put on there are 1.14" taller and that can have an impact on your auto transmission shift points.

    $425 is a heck of a price, I would imagine that new tires on your old rims would have cost at least $250 more than what you paid for tires and rims. Good score.
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    Have a set of 08 Silverado 17's in the garage.

    Found a good deal on some lightly used 285/75/17 Firestone Destination MT's

    Have a 99 K1500 LT Burb with the factory fender flares.

    Don't mind cranking the t-bars some if I will only need a little bit to fit comfortably.

    Don't know if I will need anything in the rear.

    What do you guys think?

    Anyone have a pic of a similar setup?

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    Heck, I'll throw this in here too...

    Buying the wife a mint, original owner, 96 K1500 LS Burb.

    Found a good deal on some late model (not sure of year) OE 20's.

    And got a local tire shop to price match PepBoys on Cooper Zeon's in the 285/50/20 flavor.

    Want to keep close to or better than stock ride ("better" does not mean "softer").

    Whaddayathink? Crank the t-bars a bit? Or just do F150 keys? Anything for the rear?

    Again, anyone running similar setup? Thoughts? Pics?

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