07 torsion bars???

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    Hey guys, ive always had the same ole torsion bars where you crawl under the truck and turn the two vertical bolts a couple of turns and it levels the truck out....well my 07 doesnt have that same set up....it actually looks nothing like what I am used to seeing underneath. It has the 6.0 in it so maybe the frame and suspension is different?? Has anyone on here ever done this? I know it is bad to do and effects the ride quality but i usually only do a couple of turns on each so it doesnt mess up my angles too bad....any help here would be appreciated...i will take a picture of what I am working with. thanks!
  2. 07RedVrtecMAX

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    Ok here is what I am working with here...notice how it looks completely different...I think....​

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    Your going to have to buy a leveling kit from a manufacturer like rancho, readylift, daystar or procomp. Rough country also has one.

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