07 up NNBS Tahoe Yukon Suburban Ebony full length center consoles New

Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by cfodor, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. cfodor

    cfodor New Member

    I have about 15 ebony center consoles for nnbs style suvs and you can put them in trucks just leave a gap and the front of the dash. These are all new surplus and have never been installed. These are new but might have very small scratches on them from being storage. Nothing you would see once installed. These all have usb ports and rear controls in them. I would like to get $425 plus shipping for one that is complete with cup holder and front extensions. If you want to buy a bare one $350 plus shipping. I am in cincinnati ohio pick up works too. Pm me or text me at 513 519 8268 shipping will be anywhere from $50 to $75 just depending on how far you are.

  2. tdub8517

    tdub8517 New Member

    I might be interested. I am in the Dayton area and would like to have a full length. I could pick up. Best price?
  3. Crickycrunch

    Crickycrunch New Member

    im interested please get back with me
  4. kristale87

    kristale87 New Member


    Is this still available? im very interseted and live in dallas tx. what the full price to get it?

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