08 4.8 fuel mileage

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  1. what are people getting with the 08 4.8 v8s automatics. i have a crew cab and i get about 18 but what is suprising is my 96 ram 3500 diesel 5spd gets 25+
  2. mjalstad

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    Is that calculated by taking your distance traveled between fill-ups divided by the gallons pumped in or is that just off of a display? Displays are never accurate. I can understand a 5 speed diesel getting better mileage than a gas truck but not that high. I have a 99 4.8 auto, just got 16.5 mpg (actually calculated, not from a display) driving 75 mph on a hilly highway.
  3. brownpridex111

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    i think i get the same last time drove like 130 miles and i use like 1/4 of gas so im getting like 18 to 21 on freeway
  4. road rash

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    14 city 19 hgwy
  5. nikkeshelton

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    I used to get 17.6 mpg until I put 20" Denali wheels on. Now I get 15.6!

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    How do you feel about your long headers? How is your low end torque? The instalation? Trying to make up my mind!
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    not surprising, my uncle has a 96 ram diesel that got in the low to mid 20s. My truck gets about 14mpg but that is all city driving no highway, rarely get above 45mph.

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