08 Impala Jack Points

Discussion in 'Chevy Impala Forum' started by JackGap, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. JackGap

    JackGap New Member

    I have an '08 Impala LT 3.9L V6. Where are the best spots to jack it up using a floor jack and to place jack stands in order to do an oil change? I'm a first timer on all of this so any details/pics would be greatly appreciated if able. Thanks in advance everyone!
  2. Bowtie_brain

    Bowtie_brain New Member

    I just bought an 09. I haven't changed oil yet, but I have ramps for that. I did raise the back wheels to check the tires for for flat spots. Jack points are not real obvious. I used the pseudo frame rails for the floor jack.
  3. outalne94z71

    outalne94z71 Member

    i have the same 08 2lt, i jack on the aluminum subframe from the front and put the stands under the body bolts at the rear of the subframe.
  4. Bowtie_brain

    Bowtie_brain New Member

    Impala Jack Points

    I did the same as Outaln for my 09.

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