08 projector headlights

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by RedneckTrucker, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. sdpbob

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    I have mine on the bottom and doesnt seem to make a difference from the stock headlights, just looks better to me.
    I have the headlights from the bottom link.
  2. TRPLXL2

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    I have an idea of why they did them like that, I had bought a set for my 05' Silverado which had a 6" lift on it. The adjustment screws inside of those housings are very short, and only allow for minimal adjustment. I actually broke both of my adjusters trying to compensate for the lift on my truck to get the light beam where it should have been, so my guess would be that the projector on the bottom would be better for a lifted truck. And the projector on top would be for a stock height truck, other than that it could just be for looks.
  3. how is the beam pattern on those? is it a decent beam or is it kind of crappy? i had a set of projectors in a 96 dodge ram and they sucked. the cutoff was terrible. i had to have the brights on just to see. and do you stil have the stock bulbs in yours? what bulb# is in them hi and lo? how about some nite pix of hi and lo beam on the road? if yours use h1 hi beams how bright are them? how does the light on hi and lo compare to stock lights? my stock light beams are pretty good especially lo beam. i just dont want to screw em up for good lookin headlights.i want to put hids in mine when i get em. i already have h1 hids from the dodge projectors i had.
  4. it would be nice if someone would answer my question!!!!!!!!!
  5. sdpbob

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    The switch to the projectors was like having my highs on when my lows were on and the beam pattern is a little different cuz you can see where the lows stop. Also when I turn on my highs the lows stay on as well so its a lot brighter then the stock headlights. Im glad I did the upgrade well worth it
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    The "projector" lens is for the low beam, and the regulare reflector is for the high beam. BUt it doesn't really matter what one you get, because you can always switch them around... It just depends on what you think looks better...
  7. well i got the headlights and put my 4300k hids in the low beams. these things are awesome. i like em because the projector and high beams can be indiviually aimed and the stock lights dont even do that. plus the cutoff pattern is good.

    Daytime view of projectors with new billet grille

    New projector lights with 4300k hids in low beams

    low beam hid with clean cutoff[​IMG]

    high beam all 4 lights on high beams are 55w h1
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    they are just different brands really. its all personal preference. the lower placed ones will provide less glare to oncoming drivers. mine are upper mounted, and also in the first link you provided are EAGLE EYES/ANZO USA brand lamps (or knockoffs). the fitment on these is usually very good.
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    sorry to hijack the thread a little but I think its better than starting a whole new thread about the same topic...I want to get the projector headlights too, but to get that "white" light, do I have to do the whole rewiring or are those silverstar bulbs they sell at the store pretty much the same thing?

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