08 Silverado,44k miles...need brand new engine. Powertrain Warranty expired in July.

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by BTT2008, Dec 31, 2013.

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    Hey everyone,

    I have a 2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z82 that I bought in June with around 39,000 miles on it. Truck ran great until last week when the Service Stabilitrack/Service Traction Control/Stabilitrack Off/Traction Control Off/Check Engine lights all came on at the same time while I was driving. Took it to my local GM dealer and they told me that there is a problem with one of the lifters and the 6th cylinder, and that it needs a brand new engine. $8,500. The vehicle had the standard 5 year/100,000 mile warranty, but since it is an '08, the warranty dated out in July. I called the dealer that I bought the car from and they have basically just been ignoring the messages I've been leaving for them.

    The truck only has 44,000 miles now and I can't believe that a vehicle with such low mileage would need a brand new engine. I don't have $8,500 to fix it so basically I'm just without a vehicle now. Not sure what to do at this point but I'm very frustrated and upset.
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    I'd take it to a non-dealer mechanic that you can trust for a second opinion. Ask around through your friends maybe. I wish I could help more, but those dealer service departments just do what the computer tells them to do. They are not trained to diagnose hardware issues any more.
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    Thanks for the reply. I took the truck to another shop that I have gone to for years today and didn't tell them that it had already been looked at by the dealer...wanted to see if they came up with a different diagnosis. They called after a couple of hours and said that the engine had some pretty serious mechanical issues and that they thought I should take it to a GM dealership. So at least I know that the GM service center was being honest with me.

    Took the truck home today and basically it is just sitting in the driveway until I can figure out what to do next.
  4. Dana W

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    That was a smart move. At least you know where you are with the breakage. Maybe there is something the Customer Service Rep that frequents the forums can do to help.
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    Thank you.

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    Having worked at a GM dealership the GM is one that can override the service manager. If you bought the truck there new he would be the one to talk to. Next it would be head office. If you had all your service work done there that will work better when you plead you case. Stick to the mileage more than the time and say that this issue goes back further than when they first noticed it. Good luck
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    This is a common issue in our area with the nnbs 5.3's with afm and all that. If the truck had a the common problems from the afm they would rig the truck to last until the next "victim" purchased the vehicle. I didn't have much of an issue getting my motor replaced at 38k or so but my dealer was amazing and has always hooked me up since we bought the truck new. See if you can obtain the service records from the dealership. They all have the ability to pull them up according to the vin and whatnot. Look at past dealer visits and see what they were for. If they have been in for oil consumption tests frequently and other internal issues then sold right after, you know you bought someone else's problem unfortunately. Usually they do the cheapest fix and trade it in or the dealer buys it bottom dollar and fixes the bare minimum to get it back on the lot. Our scam Chevy dealer across the river does this quite frequently. A few buddies purchased trucks from them and drove for a few months then had issue after issue start piling up. Dealer in the end wouldn't even hook the computer up to scan they just drove it back in the shop, checked oil level, and brought it back around and never provided with a print out. By the way a Go-Pro fits PERFECTLY in the air vents :great:

    This is how I caught them doing all this to their truck. Just paint the case black and cover the light and hide it back in the vent some.

    They ended up out of pocket on motors that we put in at my shop.

    Good luck at getting them to help you! Hopefully your local dealer isn't a scam artist like most are!

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