08 Silverado Check engine light

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 1S1K, Dec 26, 2009.

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    my 08's check engine light comes on and off sometimes with no sign of issue. i gotta take her in just wondering about any similar issues? she has a rough idle too? seems odd to me for a truck under 20k miles???
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    Well you do have a problem with one of your sensors. It could be many different things and a scan will pinpoint it. The light is telling you to get it checked before any damage occurs. Tale it to Autozone for a quick check.
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    I wil get it in for a check up... tonight it said check stablitytrack? and then the check engine light went out... grrrrrr okay next week she is going innnnn.....
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    check up ok

    Today I took her in... but since they cleard the code when the scnned it, they could not find what was wrong. I could not get the check engine light to come back on attempting to re creat the sparitac issue.

    #1 I almost feel like th truck has more power since the trouble code was reset? maybe just feeling better cause the light is not on?

    #2 The dealer could not find anything out about why my Service Stability Track light also came on in the DIC with the Check engine light.

    I attempetd to see if they put that 6 inch lift on and find a way to put it under the warranty covrage. They did not go for that idea.

    **They did say there is a TSB on rough idle. and he showed me a copy and how that is Normal for my truck.

    So long story short is... drove an hour to the dealer, no answers but the code has been reset and not came back on since....
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    so now

    After i drove my truck for a few days! The check engine light came on again. I am sure it will be the same code. while driving through the parking lot the "Service Stabliitytrack" light alternated with "Service Traction Control"

    I dont get it.. 20k miles, i dont Fourby it. Its frustrating to pay as much as we do for these trucks (which i dealry love) to have issues.. hope they can figure it out this time.

    anyone else have these issues with the traction and stalbity track?

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