08 silverado electrical issues

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by h2ofowler, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. h2ofowler

    h2ofowler New Member

    I have a challenging electrical problems. My truck does some very weird things throughout the whole system. one of the most repeating issue is my radio clock and date resets itself. now for the weird....while driving, my locks have open and closed (3 to 4 times in a row), the compass works but doesn't change when direction does, when i turn the truck off- everything turns off to the point off the truck being dead ( won't restart, no interior lights, no radio and no dash), while driving my tranny indicator blinks P to R to N to D and the tach/speedo go up and down. At night, my headlights blink/dim when I use the brakes and dim almost too turn off if I hit the brakes hard to a stop.
    All of these things go right away within a few seconds and sometimes nothing will happen for weeks at a time. Today I had two new things happen, first was my truck was dead when I got in. key boob wouldn't open the truck so I used the key to unlock the truck, put the key in and nothing...truck is dead but within 5 seconds the horn starts blowing and everything turns on and truck starts right up. On the way home I stopped at the store, after restarting the truck and leaving, while accelerating, my rear locker light started to blink and ding and my truck rocked and shuttered because the diff was kicking in like the tires were spinning (they weren't, i was doing about 15 mph and going straight) .
    I know this is a lot of stuff but none of it repeats and I can't make it do it. I am thinking voltage regulator but I'm not a mechanic. Anyone ever hear of this thing happening before?

    truck info...4x4, 5.3 crew

  2. SurrealOne

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    This sounds like a poor contact ... and it's so proliferant and varied I'm wondering if it's not one of the major connection points/lines to the battery. Poor grounds could cause a fair bit of that, so my first inclination is a ground, but it's also worth checking the positive connections. With that in mind:

    • Battery terminals snug and free of corrosion?
    • Ground connections to the battery (follow them from the battery to their end points) snug on the frame and engine and also free of corrosion?
    • The connection in the red junction box connected to the +12v lead of the battery also snug and free of corrosion?
    • All of the wires you traced to answer these questions in good shape?
  3. RayVoy

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    I'm with [MENTION=50075]SurrealOne[/MENTION], you have a loose ground, or a bad battery.

    I once had a battery with a loose internal plate, a bump would cause the plates to bang together and cause similar problems.
  4. h2ofowler

    h2ofowler New Member

    Thanks guys, brought it into the shop this morning after another mystery issue and we think it's isolated to the hot wire or it's connection to the mega fuse.
  5. Bowties

    Bowties New Member

    Ok so I bought a 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 recently and started noticing the clock would reset occasionally and it started weak. So i started looking in the forums and seen people say check the grounds, all checked good i was looking at the battery thinking it looked kinda small and thought maybe its not getting enough CCAs but after looking closer i noticed the positive cable was loose and had a gap. I tried to tighten it down but noticed it was cross threaded and the terminal bolts were all chewed up. After buying new bolts and the right size battery i was taking everything apart to do the change out and found the positive terminal horribly stripped the wrong size and they had stuck a washer between the battery and the terminal were the washer could have been arcing (yes really sad i know it had a reconditioned battery from a battery shop installed i couldn't believe the crappy job they had done) i also had some corrosion inside the negative terminal not a lot but i cleaned it all out and replaced both terminal bolts minus the extra washer . I fired the truck up and noticed it had a much stronger start ill post some pics and feed back later to see if the clock resets anymore.
    IMG_0723.JPG IMG_0724.JPG IMG_0734.JPG IMG_0735.JPG IMG_0729.JPG IMG_0739.JPG IMG_0741.JPG IMG_0743.JPG
  6. RayVoy

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    Good job @Bowties . Hey, they are very nice pics. Use a camera, or a phone?
  7. Bowties

    Bowties New Member

    It was my phone on HD setting
  8. Bowties

    Bowties New Member

    So far no problems with the clock resetting and its cranking over nice now with no hesitation.
    Terminal bolts were less than 2 bucks at Walmart.

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