'08 Silverado XM not working "due to communication problem"

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by TurboZ71, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. TurboZ71

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    My XM periodically stops working. I have the factory Nav/XM unit. It's a 2008. When I click on an XM station, it will give me this error message: "XM not available due to communication problem."I believe this is directly related to a leak I had in the sunroof last year. The dealer needed to replace the seal around the sunroof. I noticed this happened after one day my truck wouldn't start and the battery was dead. This was after a rain storm. Since then the radio will start working again after significant time of dry weather. Is been a year and I've had no issues with the battery or other electronics, but the radio does still have issues only with XM. The Nav always works. Could my shark fin antenna be rotted and shorting out somewhere? Any ideas to replace or fix this? Thank you
  2. sstoner911

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    I would see if the dealer has a update for the XM or radio, the error message your receiving has nothing to do with weather. The radio and XM brain are failing to talk to each other.

    If your truck is out of warranty it could be pricey to have the dealership fix it. If they tell you its the XM brain it is easy to replace yourself. The XM brain is located behind the lower glove box.
  3. TurboZ71

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    ok, thanks very much. I'm going to see if pulling the XM antenna plug (behind the glove box) will yield the same error message, and if not, I will definitely bring it to the dealer.
    thanks again. I'll report back when i find an answer to this problem.

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