09 Sierra 1500 sagging rear, will an air-lift or ride-rite air bag provide any lift?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by 05Retro, May 11, 2012.

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    I have a 2009 Sierra GMC 1500 SLT Extracab with about 30,000 easy miles. I added a 1" front leveling kit so the my 285/18's would clear the mud flaps and my truck always had a sag in the rear. I often haul dirt bikes, ATV's, and sleds in the bed, and tow a 4500lb camper on occasion. I'd like to maintain the same ride quality but get the rear 1"-3" higher even w/out a load.

    Main question I can't seem to find an answer to is will any of the airbag type leveling kits provide any lift?

    I'd be happy as long as I can get about 1" without compromising the ride much. My springs may have sagged a little but generally the toys are only in the back the day I'm playing so the truck isn't loaded continuously. If the airbags can't provide lift, only level when loaded what would you recommend?

    Truck has 2 main leaf's and noticed the helper leaf is about 1/2" from the mains unloaded. Once I put a 250lb dirt bike and gear in they the "stock" helper leaf pads are just about touching the main leaf. My fear with "add a leaf" (don't know if they install under or over the helper leaf) is that it will put force the helper leaf to into the mains and then I'd have 4 leafs working and a stiff ride if that makes any sense.

    I could just buy/add 2" blocks and go that route but I'd really like to add a little capacity as well. My camper is just a "Trail-lite" 21' but it probably has 600lb of tongue wait so when you throw an ATV into the bed also it's over 1,000lbs and I swear the rear has sagged over 6".

    I've read hundreds of posts but can't seem to find out if air-lift/ride-rite or similar airbags will provide any lift verses just leveling under load.

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    look at firestone industrial's airbags. I have them and they are great. if you are trying to add 1" without any weight it will ride stiffer. Mine at 10psi for empty driving is about 3/4" higher, but my springs arent sagging. with weight in the rear and then leveling with the bags the truck rides absolutely great. They seem to be better constructed than the airrides (at least in my application)

    should be kit 2430 if I did it right
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