09 Silverado navigation backup camera install

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by tx-silverado, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. tx-silverado

    tx-silverado New Member

    I am in he process of installing a LockPick GMX-322 in my 2009 Silverado LTZ. The Chevy dealer (service manager) says my Nav radio does not support the camera but the LockPick dealer says it just needs to be programmed. Does any one know if it is camera capable??
  2. Kaiser-Wave

    Kaiser-Wave Rockstar

    yes the lock pick is CAMERA capable and has to be programmed into the module, im not sure what module you have but we installed thoussands of those in a vehicles like yours on our various GM accounts.
  3. tx-silverado

    tx-silverado New Member

    I think i found the answer....

    Thanks for your reply!!

    I think i found the answer i was looking for. :happy: I found that the factory camera has to have a UVB radio installed so i looked at my build sticker and found that I DO have a UVB radio!! Should be able to program it for a backup camera ok. Now I got to convince the Service Manager that told me it couldn't be programmed!

    Thanks again for your reply.... Steve
  4. tx-silverado

    tx-silverado New Member

    I should have known better that nothing is "Plug and Play"! (nothing I get anyway) :grrrrrr: I have problems with the installation of the GMX-322. I need some help as it will not work the way it is now. The installation is straight forward so that should not be the problem??? The connector harnesses are plug and play so I don't think it was anything I could have done to not make it work.
    When I installed the unit the radio would operate but there were no results when I pushed the mute and window lockout as instructed in the instructions (and in the proper gear). The radio shut off (all power) after about 1 minute and 30 seconds and I could not turn it back on. The only way I could get the radio to come on again was to unplug the GMX-322. The second time it happened it was on for only about 45 seconds, It happend once with the camera connected and once with the camera disconnected so I dont think it is related to the camera. I did not want to damage anything so I did not do it more than twice. As far as I can tell the raido/NAV again works as normal with the harnesses and GMX removed.

    My radio is a Denso GM model 20807044 with bluetooth, xm and traffic. Before I started the installation I took it to the dealer and had them enable the camera but I couldn't tell if they did or not..:gasp:.. maybe they just charged me $92 for nothing...??

    Please Help!! Any Suggestions??:idea:

    (All this just to get a backup camera!!!??)
  5. Perpendicular

    Perpendicular New Member

    Did you ever get an answer to this?

    I had the dealer unlock a new Nav I put in for me and now my Bluetooth doesn't recognize verbal requests although it works well making and receiving calls.
  6. tx-silverado

    tx-silverado New Member

    Yes, I took it back for a "redo" and now it works like it should. The LockPick had a glitch as well so i sent it back and they gave me a new one and now it works fine.... The only other thing is i wish i could find a camera that works like the factory. i found one that looks like it but when installed on the tailgate the image is up side down!! ... I am working that issue now. The one that i found googleing that would work (for less than the facotory camera which is priced at $300) has been discontinued so i am still looking..... For now i just installed it on the BOTTOM of the tailgate where the image is right side up but still doesn't have the "field of view" i would like but it does work for hooking up my trailer which is the main purpose i started this........

    Thanks for your interest.
  7. Dr Len

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  8. Perpendicular

    Perpendicular New Member

  9. Dr Len

    Dr Len Rockstar 100 Posts

    The radio was programed to do it
  10. Perpendicular

    Perpendicular New Member

    Right, I understand you have to program it, but how did you wire up the camera to the factory radio?

    From what i understand, there is a control box under the passengers seat that the camera currently connects to. How did you get the wiring to the factory nav system?

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