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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by miked1978, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. miked1978

    miked1978 New Member

    I'm not much of a michanic but my '04 Silverado is coming up on 100k miles so I want to do a tune up or have someone do it for me. Anyways what are some things I need to get done? Should I get a transmission flush? Its never been done and I hear it could mess some stuff up. I don't do a lot of towing so...

    Also how about the coolant system? Does it needs flushing too? What belts do I need changed?

    Anything else other then the usual spark plugs and wries?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. hunter541

    hunter541 New Member

    i worked for gm for 15 years these trucks have been pretty low maintianence,i would start with new plugs and wires always use GM parts you have to check the fuel filter these were the years they started to not use an external filter it was in the tank.as for the trans i would check the fluid color if it is still bright red i would leave it alone.the belts i would change and the a/c belt tensioner there small i've seen these go bad and the only thing else i've seen the water pump gaskets leak you may want to replace just the gaskets the pumps are kind of expensive and change the antifreeze then use the dexcool ,this as not been a problem in this truck.happy trucking
  3. ibmoses

    ibmoses Rockstar 100 Posts

    Be sure and keep the grease fitting in your driveshaft greased...most people miss that. Also check the lubricant in the differential.

    I would replace the trans. filter and refill the trans. Me personally...no way I would have the trans flushed. Some people swear by it. Your call on that one.

    You can just open the petcock on your radiator and drain it then refill with a 50/50 mix of Dexcool and DISTILLED water.

    And like the previous post said... GM parts only... replace the plugs/wires.

    Im sure you have had the brakes inspected.

  4. highmilageklr

    highmilageklr Member

    Change ALL fluids. Trans, diff's, transfer case, power steering, and flush brakes clean. All new soft parts, belts, hoses, wires, plugs, brake lines, and check steering hoses for leaks. U-joints, if stock, are going to fail and should be replaced. Ball joints, tie rod ends all need lubed and inspected along with brake rotor and pads checked. All synthetic fluids are worth the price IMO for trans, engine, diff's, and transfer cases. This is an expensive option that I give you, but if you intend to keep your vehicle, all new fluids and synthetics will ensure a long life. Most of these thing can be done in your driveway with little know how and a few tools.
  5. chevys10

    chevys10 New Member

    If i were you, I would just do it myself, tune ups are easy, and you can do one in less than six hours,(for a full tune up). Other wise your looking at any wer fromm 300 to a 1000 bucks just in labor to have some one do it for you. For your tranny, if you dont do alot of towing, then you can just change the fluid in it. For your engine coolant, You should deffinetlly change it, especially if you live in cold weather. And for your fan belt, just replace it, its an easy and cheap fix. If you need any more advice, just ask me

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