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    My 2005 4.3 V6/5 Speed W/T will be hitting the 100,000 mile mark within a week or two.

    I have had the truck for the past 50,000 miles and all I've done is regular oil/filter changes.

    Planning on plugs/wires and gas filter change along with air and oil filters this time around.

    Anything else I should look at and/or change at this mile mark? With so many types of spark plugs is there any recommends for plugs or wires brand or type?

    Thanx in advance! -Pete.

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    Pete.....After the Oil and Filter change, I would look at the Following,
    ......Air Filter
    ......Cleaning of the MAF Sensor, if needed
    ......Cleaning of the Throttle Body and Injector's
    ......Flush all Fluids........Coolant.....Power......Brake....etc
    ......Check and Replace if needed all belts and hoses
    .....A Lube of the front end

    For Plugs you would want A/C Delco as the Vortec Engines Run -n- Performance Better when using A/C Delco plugs and for Wires.....either Factory or Aftermarket wires will do the job......and on the Fuel Filter, I can't remember what year G.M. Moved it into the Fuel tank for the V6 Engines either 05" 0r 06"??......if you have a inline filter.....it would be on the inside of the Fame Rail under the Driver Side door.....if not its in the tank and is part of the Fuel Pump Assembly.......as it is for the V-8 gas engine's starting with Model year 2004".
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    Drop your spare tire and lube the cable system. This is a out of site, out of mind item, until you need it.

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