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100w driving light

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by crash_42, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. crash_42

    crash_42 New Member

    so i ordered 100w xenon driving high and low beam lights, because i have all blacked out lights on my chevy now.. has any one had these or similar lights are they alot brighter i know stock lights are 55w soo 45 more watts shold make a difference right?:neutral:
  2. CS-10 86

    CS-10 86 Member

    I personally would reconsider, save up and buy HIDs. I have 80w/100w in my '70 c10 and have to run a relay to prevent the extra wattage from wearing out my headlight switch. On my '09 silverado i have HIDs for my lows and fog lights. Both of witch are rated at 55w and emit far more light that is tons clearer.
    The main reason why I would reconsider the higher wattage bulbs over HIDs, is well the wattage. This extra wattage creates a bigger load on the switch, an increase in load is an increase of heat. In electrical components, heat is detrimental. To figure out your load/current draw (amps) use the equation: Wattage/voltage= Amperes. So with your 100w on a 12 volt system, you have a current draw of 8.33 Amps. Compared to 4.6 Amps with a 55w bulb or 55w HID system.
    By no means am I trying to lecture you, your trust is well your truck. But as a consumer and a truck owner, I always want to know the ins and outs of what I am about to put in or on my truck.
    To answer your question, Yes you will see a great deal of difference in brightness compared to a 55w bulb despite your blacked out headlights. Just be cautious of your light switch as it may wear out any time and possibly leave you stranded at night.
    Good luck.
  3. crash_42

    crash_42 New Member

    wow great info,so is there a way to maybe hook a relay into the system? and where about is the head light switch at?
  4. CS-10 86

    CS-10 86 Member

    yes there is a way to upgrade your harness. The way to do this is to simply disconnect your factory harness from your bulbs, and plug it into this upgraded harness that is relayed. The relays simply bypass current draw from your factory harness and draw directly from your battery. The factory harness is still used, but simply for an actuator for the relay, telling when to turn on the lights, low beams, high beams. Since the draw will come straight from the battery, you will have to connect a positve from the relays to the battery, and also a solid ground. Sounds very technical, but i assure you its not. Its what i have on my '70.
    The link to the harness is

    Note, that this is not the only avaliable harness out there. This is just one from a reputable supplier and a great company. Another one i found is the following one, as I am not too sure about, though for 25 bucks is not to hard to try.


    Good luck
  5. crash_42

    crash_42 New Member

    man your awesome thanks
  6. CS-10 86

    CS-10 86 Member

    No problem man, glad I can be of some assistance.

    Too bad I was not back in California with a pair of HIDs. I'd swap out my old harness, send it to you after the install of my HIDs.
  7. crash_42

    crash_42 New Member

    dude that would be the coolest thing... thanks again.. i like the idea of the 25 $ one haha
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2009

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