110V A.C. Power in cab ?

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    I have looked all over and haven't found what the amperage rating is for the 110V outlet in the dash of my new Silverado. I tried plugging in a heat gun that has a known amp draw of 8 amps , it worked for a second then nothing, I waited a little while and tried it again, worked for half a second. that tells me there is a thermal breaker in line with it and resets itself after it cools off. the sales man said he thinks its on a 15 amp circuit ( I crossed my eyes ) looking at the plug, so light duty. can anyone point me to some specks on that circuit? somewhere I did see that it is in line with a reserve power source but wasn't clear on how that worked.
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    That outlet is good for recharging phones and stuff like that Maybe a portable DVD player but a Heat gun No Way.. I would say between 10-15 amps tops If you have the skill take the dash off and look behind What Ga does the wire look like Also the owners book should say what size Fuse it has in the Block..
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    I checked your owner's manual, didn't help.

    Making an assumption here, that the outlet provides 120v AC when the engine is off (there would be a 12v to 120v converter); as apposed to a 120v AC outlet that only provided power when the engine was running (this would be an outlet using the higher AC voltage of the alternator).

    So, if there is power with engine off (key may need to be on, but engine is not), there would be a fuse on the 12 volt side of the inverter. The salesman is probably right, this fuse might be only 15 amps.

    You need to find out which of the Aux Power fuses feeds the inverter (and mark it in the manual).

    You probably also have an inline thermo circuit breaker on the 120 volt side, this would trip to keep you from popping the 12 volt side fuse.

    Calculate the 120 volt load in this manner. Assuming no loses, 100% efficient inverter for easy math, the voltage has increased by a factor of 10; therefore, the current will decrease by the same factor of 10.

    Find the fuse that powers the inverter, if it is 15 amps, the 120 volt load can only be 1.5 amps. If it is a 20 amp fuse, the 120 volt load can only be 2 amps.

    Btw, most of the interior 120 volt outlets are not for tools.

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