#13254- Rough engine operation on 2014 gm trucks.

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by GMCguy4life, Nov 2, 2013.

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    Hi, a newbie from Indianapolis area. Bought a 2014 GMC sierra all-terrain. This bulletin number is for those with rough engine operation. Remote start did some funny things on my truck. A p16a1 code came up from onstar. That is code for throttle sensor with high voltage. Took truck to dealer and they replaced the whole throttle body. So, for those who experience rough engine or reduced power,this could be the problem. Also, have noticed with new throttle body that the hard shifting is no longer a problem. Thanks for letting me come here. Great truck though. This seems to be for only 5.3l according to bulletin. Was wondering if anyone else has done this or experiencing same issues? Thanks
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    Nice info.....:great:
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    Welcome to the Club! And thanx for the info.
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    Welcome to the site. Good intro.
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    Seems like they had this issue on the NNBS trucks as well in the earlier years. I actually just took mine in to get the TPS/Motor replaced. When mine started taking a deuce, my truck would actually stall out at lights from time to time and occasionally he would have a hiccup under acceleration from the motor losing signal and attempting to default to "closed" position. Was very annoying haha!

    :great:Welcome to the club and thanks for the great write-up!
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