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Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by freedomwarriorusa, May 5, 2006.

  1. freedomwarriorusa

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    As a purchaser of a previous 2003 Suburban (brand new) I am on the Chevrolet mailing list. I just recieved a mailer featuring the new hoe, burb and avalanche. The kicker was a "special" private offer for me to buy one at a whooping $1500.00 discount ! Are these people smoking crack ? A $50,000 vehicle and I can save $1500.00 as a "special" customer. I think I can do better on my own.
  2. GMDEN

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    Sounds like a pyramid scam.
  3. nvestysly

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    Resurrecting this old thread...

    I've been told the $1500 private offer is legitimate and can be added (that is, an additional $1500 subtracted) to the best deal you can arrange with the dealer. So go ahead and work your best deal, then pull out the private offer and they subtract another $1500.

    It appears there are many ways to obtain private offer - once in a while GM sends them in the mail, or more recently the offers pop up when you search and scroll around on the GMC and Chevrolet web site.

    A friend just purchased a brand new Sierra SLT 1500, 6.2L, 8-speed with max towing package - the list price was approximately $56k and he paid $44.5k. Apparently the dealer originally came down from $56k to $46k and then the buyer pulled out the private offer to get the final price down to $44.5k.

    Anyone else heard about these mysterious private offers?
  4. nvestysly

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    I contacted Chevrolet/GMC via online chat to ask about details and packages for 2016 model trucks. During that chat I asked about the private offer. The chat specialist indicated this is legitimate. Both the Chevrolet and GMC web sites randomly issue private offers of $1500 to users who "build" their vehicle on the web site. There are several factors that may aid in obtaining an online private offer - computer stuff like cookies, pop-up blockers, etc. can limit whether a given user receives an offer.

    The offers also go out in the mail periodically to current customers.

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