1500 4x4 suburban -1995 BRAKES

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    Hi when im already in search of a tool box i can also ask for a way to upgrade those brakes on my wifes old burb . i had a ideá of using those calipers that i shoud change on the esclade but now i have "seen the light" :) and there arent as mutch those brakesystems has i common ,, so propebly it would take moore time then i worth to rebuild the whole hubb on the burb to fit those escalade calipers , i has alreay changed the disks to summits drilled/slotted and use VGX pads ,, that was shorly an upgrade but i want moore ,, i has a rebuild zzz 350 HO (355) that i shoud swap to as soon the wheather get warmer (is freeeezzzing cold here now ( - 15 * c ) and when the new engine gets in i need new BETTER brakes (calipers) any one who can recommed some upgrades ?

    Åke Of sweden

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