1500HD brake rotors.

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  1. 02z71

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    Does anyone know it you can fit the hubs from a 1/2 ton HD to a regular 1/2 ton (2002)?
    I'd like to be able to use the bigger dia rotors (325mm vs 305mm) and calipers on my 1/2 ton.

    I'm assuming you would have to change the hubs in order to change the rotors. Have to change spindles?

  2. novaman64

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    There are bigger hubs available. My truck, not sure why or how, has bigger rotors then stock. I didnt know till I went to do a brake job, picked up rotors and brought them home and the old ones were alot bigger, took them back to Kragen and they found the bigger ones that I needed... Only bad thing is that I want to run 16" rims and I cant fit them, wont clear...

    My truck is a 06 1500, 6 lug....


    Those are the rotors, they are 13" diameter, now Im not sure about mounting the caliper...
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  3. extibra09

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    1500HD brake rotors

    I dont know where to get it locally, but there are a few sites online that have em. I need new pads too... but nothing that will eat up my new rotors... does anyone know what would be the best?I know non metallic is the way to go but I cant seem to find anything good.
  4. 02z71

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    Tire rack has a lot of brake after market prod.

    On the Oreilly site the application was 06 - 08 1500's. Maybe they, 13" rotors, were an option for those years? What size rims did your '06 come with?

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