16 Pakistani police officers executed by Taliban

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  1. I was debating on whether or not to post this as it may cause some very heated debate amongst our members. However, after deliberating for a little bit I decided to do so.

    This is the face of our enemy abroad, specifically in Iraq and Afghanistan. I feel that it is important to differentiate between local people there who may or may not like America and our supporters and people like you'll see in the video below who have absolutely no regard for human life. They're killing their fellow Muslims!

    I was outraged and saddened when I saw this. It is very graphic and very sobering.

    I just can't understand why the Pakistanis get so bent out of shape when we cross the boarder to get the ****ers who do **** like this to them.

  2. Caddiac

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    I guess their news media and politicians twist the truth to fit their needs just like our's does. Also, no one likes feeling like they are being pushed around. If Mexican authorities tracked gun runners across the US border and took them out with a missile we would be pissed too.

    The brutality depicted in the video is not any different than atrocities committed on almost every continent in the past 100 years. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Evil knows no culture, border or religion.
  3. murdog94

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    I couldnt agree more. However we are not keeping the worlds most wanted man near westpoint and denying knowing. These people are after two things and they dont care who they kill to get there. Money and Control. I have been there twice, and it was interesting to deal with the locals who were usually quite kind and tried to just go about their lives, then the SOBs who wanted to blow us up just cuz...
  4. KyleZ71

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    Kinda reminds me of a book a read, Flyboys by James Bradley. Good read and highly recommend it.
  5. McMahan

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    I am sick of that entire region. I have lost to many friends to the stupid wars that are going on right now. The terrorist are stupid ignorant people and being a combat veteran myself I just say we need to pull out let them fend for them selfs and worry about fixing our problem here at home. I am in Korea right now and I will say it has been the biggest waist of my time ever. We really have no reason to be here and the south koreans need to grow a pair and learn to take up for there country.

    Sorry to rant I just get all bent out of shape over this crap, being a Ranger I have seen a bunch of stuff and feel its time to call it quits
  6. stephan

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    I agree. Sacraficing American lives & wasting billions of dollars on a bunch of ignorant uncivilized people is a frickin joke, when those same people & governments won't stand up for themselves, & the governments stab us in the back at every turn. It's like Mike said, "money & power"... They hold their hands out & take our money, ask for American blood to be shed there, then laugh behind our backs at our stupidity. Whether the Middle East, Korea, or anywhere else we have American troops stationed, it's time to get the hell out & stop being the worlds police force.
  7. I may not like it, but I could at least understand. Especially if the US was so lawless that gangs and drug lords and religious fanatics were in contention with the government (and winning) for power and as Murdog94 said...if the guy they took out had masterminded and funded the successful planning and execution of the murder of 3000+ of their citizens.

    I do agree that we are wasting lives and money on people who will never get it. I also sympathize with the regular everyday people there because they just want to make a meager living and provide their kids with food and shelter. The problem with leaving is the aftermath. What happens when we're gone and the country reverts back to uncontrolled drug production and sales, which bank rolls terror groups and terrorist training camps. That allows these guys to get back into a position where they can strike at americans here at home as well as abroad. It's big **** sandwich and we all have to take a bite. I certainly don't know what the solution to this complex problem is.
  8. ZSI52

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    I saw this video on another forum. After watching stuff like this it just irritates me. I can't wait to enlist. A couple of my friends are deploying to Afghanistan in September. I really wish I could go with them. By the way, I think I read some where that we're suspending money that we've been giving to Pakistan which is fantastic in my opinion.

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