18x9 Pro Comp wheels w/ Nitto Dunes Grapplers 285/60/18

Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by hd2500407, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. hd2500407

    hd2500407 New Member

    18x9 Pro Comp Matte finished wheels w/ 285/60/18 Nitto Dune Grapplers mounted on them. Purchased last summer and only ran in summer months. Between 5k-6k miles on them. Only selling them due to future lift kit and bigger wheels/tires ordered. Paid over $1800 must sell asking $1100. Can email more pictures if necc. located S/W Pennsylvania.


    Now lowered price to move them asap $950.00. Come on the tires cost more then that.
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  2. 07RedVrtecMAX

    07RedVrtecMAX New Member

    Interested in a trade for a Pace Edwards Bedlocker and Carpet bed liner for your wheels and tires? See my ad. Thanks!
  3. hd2500407

    hd2500407 New Member

    Sorry just trying to get out of these before my lift/tires and wheels go on next week. I will take 1000 for all you pay shipping or pickup.


    LOWER_88_STEPSIDE New Member

    Will they fit a 1988 to 1998 c1500 4x2? Thanks in advance
  5. hd2500407

    hd2500407 New Member

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