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1971 Chevy c10 w/ factory AC

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Monkeys214, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Monkeys214

    Monkeys214 New Member

    Hello all. I don't get on here much, but I know when I have a question there is plenty of knowledgeable people here. I recently traded a jeep I had for a 71 chevy c10 w/ factory ac. The only reason I mention the AC is because I need the pump. Any input on some resources? Also needs a new dash due to some cracking. She runs strong and has a 4" lift and 35's. Once she is fully restored she will be a site! So my question is, where are some good places to find parts? as close to stock as possible. Thanks to all in advance 2013-07-059514.11.50.jpg
  2. grampy

    grampy Member 100 Posts

    I will try to help, Your compressor MIGHT be the old Frigidaire unit rather than the "newer" AC/Delco. If it is the AC/Delco, any parts store should be able to get one for you. I have two older farm tractors with the Frigidaire, when I needed one a couple years ago, my local parts store came up with a rebuild for me - he was told that they are no longer in production. I did find a co. that stocks them, however they don't say if they are new or rebuilt. (discountacparts.com) For what it's worth, I wished I had just converted to a new Sanden compressor. The cost would not have been any more, probably less. I did use R134 for a time, my systems were designed for Freon12. I ended up with some really high discharge pressures in order to get the air temp where it was supposed to be. Of course this made it tough to keep the system "tight", requiring numerous leak repairs and recharge. I went to a Freon12 replacement product that works well for me and lowered the pressure required quite a bit, like 30psi less. But that's up to you, I won't recommend it - probably get me tarred and feathered & run outa town ! Ken
  3. Monkeys214

    Monkeys214 New Member

    As of right now, there is nothing there. The air control in the cab reflects the fact that it has AC. The guy I got it from says he has a unit but no tubing. I would like to go as efficient and modern as possible while still maintaining a very simple appearance. I'm gonna have to learn as I go with this rig as I'm not familiar with the good ole trucks. So I can use all the info possible. So thank you sir for your help
  4. grampy

    grampy Member 100 Posts

    You have an interesting truck there. You said it's a C-10. Unless my old eyeballs are wrong, I see 4 wheel drive and 8 lug wheels. That would make it a K-20 ! Not many K-20's from that era are out there. Weren't that many built - very few survived.
  5. Monkeys214

    Monkeys214 New Member

    The seller must have been mistaken and I'm still learning them, you are correct, 4x4 and 8 lug with a twin stick tcase. The only thing he did know is that it's rare and I could tell that from the body style.
  6. stchman

    stchman Active Member 1 Year 1000 Posts

    Yes, that truck is a 3/4 ton 4x4 or as [MENTION=53003]grampy[/MENTION] said, a K20.

    Has the AC been converted over to R134A? I didn't think they even put AC in those old trucks.
  7. grampy

    grampy Member 100 Posts

    Good question, stchman about the factory air - but I believe it was an option. I have a service manual for an older one, I'll dig it out when I get a chance (it's in storage) and find out. Another option on a/c back then was dealer installed and aftermarket installations. Most of those were under dash units but there were some "built in" units available. I helped a guy put a Mark IV in dash unit in a '73 C-20, later that year the co. I worked for then put a/c in several chev and ford pickups but they were under dash units, also Mark IV's. All the aftermarket units I remember used the old York compressors and were of course Freon 12 units. Old trucks are fun & aggravating.
  8. Monkeys214

    Monkeys214 New Member

    I know it's a 3/4 ton, so makes it a K-20. The AC was factory installed and picking up a replacement from the seller along with 2 new doors tomorrow so I will have to see what he has. As far as I know it was under the hood vs under the dash. I am looking for an original service manual but proving difficult. lol ". Also, as of right now there is no fan or compressor so I need to decide the best way to go... I would like a modern system w/ a stock look a like, but I have to see what's out there. Already plenty of fun and gotten a headache or two so far, lol. But will be worth it in the end I think!
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2013
  9. grampy

    grampy Member 100 Posts

    Found my service manual ! It's for a '68, yeeuupp, factory air was available, the service manual has a section on it. Probably not very common on a 3/4 ton, especially a 4x4, most of those were built as work trucks at that time. Bought by company's, farmers and ranchers. My own experience with one was an oil co. truck, '69 K-20, 292 cid 6 banger, 4 speed trans., 4:56 gears - just "screemin" @ 70 mph. In the Wyoming winters, I kept my "felt packs" on and my coveralls + kept an ice scraper on the dash to scrape the INSIDE of the windshield when it was below zero so I could see where I was going !! Things have changed ! KEN
  10. Monkeys214

    Monkeys214 New Member

    Thats outstanding! And my 2 trucks are 30 years apart, kinda fun to compare the two...it seems I've stumbled on a semi rare truck..again..lol

    - - - Updated - - -

    So she was a 1/2 ton then converted to a 3/4 ton. Just an update.

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