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    Ive always loved old chevy c10's, and recently I bought a 1971 gmc from my uncle (pretty much the same as a c10) its been sitting in his barn for 15 years and im looking into restoring it. The grill and bumpers on it are stock and in ok condition, but seeing as ive always loved the look of the old chevys i was contemplating if i should try and put a chevy grill and rear tailgate trim on it. Theres tons of parts websites that have the aftermarket reproductions for both the gmc and chevy c10. Im wondering if a chevy grill will fit on the gmc. And I know alot of you guys think it would be stupid to put the chevy parts on it, but this isn't going to be a 30K show truck that has to be original, just a fun truck to drive around. comment and let me know what you think. The pic isn't of my truck but its the exact same color and year. gmc.jpg

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