1977 GMC 3/4 PU electrical problem

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Teadain, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Was doing an engine swap on Saturday to a new 350 and everything went together awesome until time to start vehicle. Positive wire from battery to starter was touching header and melted to the metal (Not sure if this caused the problem just the only thing out of the ordinary that happen). Once cable was swapped out and truck was running the battery doesn't appear to be getting enough of a charge. It doesn't die while running but if it is running for about 15 or so minutes and I turn truck off there isn't enough juice to turn it back over without charging battery or jumping it. Tested battery alternator and starter and all passed load tests. Not sure where to turn now. When truck is on the gauge inside the truck shows around 11 volts.
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    11 volts should put some juice back in the battery, what are you reading at the battery while the trucks running with a multimeter? The voltage gauge could be wrong or more likely it's reading upstream of the battery before whatever your problem is.
    Check for a fusable link running across the firewall, GM used to use a green link that turned brown when it burned, I've seen them only do a partial burn and still allow some electrical flow, you may additionally have a white ceramic looking block on the firewall, I wanna call it a resistor but thats not what it is, this can also burn, sometimes it'll take on a tan tinge if it gets burned, again it restricts the flow of power to/from the battery.

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