1977 K10 fuel gauge/tank problems

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    Just got a K10 and have the standard fuel problems....only draws fuel from right tank. Have power from fuse block to switch, has new solinoid and can hear it click when I move selector switch on dash from rh to left tank. No power present on wire from switch to solinoid thou. Also, it takes forever to fill either tank (vent issue?). The fuel gauge was working, but had some dash lights out, so I removed the cluster and found the printed circurit tape broken. I ordered a new one from LMC and put it in, but now the fuel gauge needle remains at the 3 o'clock position. ??? Ground short??? Also the temp gauge was disconnected and a aftermarket one installed underdash. I replaced the gauge (LMC) and sender, connected the OEM wire and the gauge needle also stays pegged at 3 o'clock. Any help would be great!! Tks guys!:glasses:
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