1978 GMC 4WD Van - Sled Puller

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  1. I appreciate it.
  2. ngchevy

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    red van.jpg This is what i'm shooting for, should it get raised. That is a sick puller!
    bluevan4.jpg blue van1.jpg blue van2.jpg blue van3.jpg
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  3. Do any of you guys live in/around NC and go to the Big Lick truck pull?
  4. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    That's an awesome van. That's not a sentence often said I believe. And thanks for posting the video too. I miss tractor pulls. I used to go to them with my dad all the time as a kid, and they seem a bit more rare now. Maybe you just have to look a bit harder.
  5. Thanks, Yeah they're getting bigger down here in the south but still not comparable to the ones up northwest.
  6. RallySTX

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    I love that van. Mine's only 2wd G20, but it has a 6.2 diesel, so it's like a mini semi.
    The two in my sig are both 6.2's. The left one is a 1990 that I donated to a needy family.
  7. kw70chevy

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    sweet hell of a van.

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