1979 m1008 cucv k10??

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by stevel98, Sep 17, 2012.

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    We are thinking of acquiring this truck we saw on ebay here for a project..

    Its got Custom Deluxe on the front fenders, and the ad claims that it is ex USAF. Its running a Nissan SD33 diesel motor, but I can't find any reference to your Military using short bed K10 type trucks, ..only long bed M1008's. Could it be an aircraft tug?

    Can anyone advise me if its for real, or is it just a civilian truck camo'd up? Either way it looks like a good deal for us..



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  2. myanna129

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    1979 m1008 cucv k10

    Hi Steve,
    I own a 1986 Cucv...from my own knowledge, I don't recall a military version of the cucv you describe. To my knowledge, the military has never used foreign engines, but I could be mistaken.
    join this free website... www.steelsoldiers.com and I guarantee you will get your definite answer.
    Let me know what you turn up.

  3. tbplus10

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    Most Military CUCV trucks wont have insignia on the fenders but that doesnt mean it wasnt put on by someone.
    Their were a few different engines used in the Chevy's designated as aircraft tugs, there were also a few different wheel bases, most of them were even shorter than the factory short bed and had flat beds on them.
    The best way to tell if its an original CUCV is to find the equipment plate that will be either on the firewall or in the drivers door sill. It looks somewhat like a VIN tag but will have a little more information included and might be stamped with "U.S. Goverment property" CUCV trucks dont have normal VIN plates since they were designated as military equipment.
    In regards to the insignia on the fenders I have seen trucks designated as CUCV military equipment that had upgraded interiors, these normally passed through the system with intent to be used by Base Commanding officers or other high ranking officers.
    Other items to check for will be additional bracing and structure on the rear suspension and frame and a larger than normal rear axle pumpkin.
  4. stevel98

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    Hi Tim..

    Many thanks for that.. There's way more to these Military trucks than the usual M1008 and M1009 pickups and blazers we see around here from time to time. Most come from Germany I think..



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