1980 GMC Sierra Grande 25 Vin Help

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by BuddKindly, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. BuddKindly

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    I have just purchased a 1980 Gmc Sierra Grande 25. I am looking to decipher the V.I.N. so I may learn a little more about this truck.
    The V.I.N. is a 14 digit # Starting with the letters TKX. I am not able to find any info on what those letters might mean. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    :sign0016:To the Site......

    The first 3 Letters in the Vin(TKX)....mean the following,
    ....T means its a.......GMC
    ....K means its a.......Conventional Cab 4x4
    ....X means what Engine.....which is 6.6 liter....With a 4 bbl Carb

    If you go to the Below Link, you should be able to De-code the rest of the Vin Number,
  3. silverhobey

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    1980 truck ....wow......any pics..........thanks
  4. BuddKindly

    BuddKindly New Member

    Thanks For Vin Help

    I was just not sure about the engine. I really appreciate the help man. I have found that this is a 1980 GMC Sierra Grande K25 1-Ton Dually which was originally purchased as a cab and chassis. It was built in Canada, which I'm told means its better (go figure). The truck has 27,140 original miles. I will try to get some pics on by the end of the week. From what your telling me this truck probably has a 454 6.6L under the hood. I will be finding out more as I go. I'm getting ready to go pick it up in a few hours. Thanks Again

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    Actually I guess it means its a Chevy 400c.i. 6.6L Right?
  5. ChevyFan

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    Yeah, not sure what the 1980 GMC Sierra Grande package looks like. Someone will help with the VIN I hope, but would love to see some pics of it.

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