1982 Chevy 350 won't fire

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by robrob, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. robrob

    robrob New Member

    Hey everyone, I have a 1982 4x4 gmc Sierra with a 1st generation 350 crate engine in it. Performance world HEI distributor, Edelbrock 1406 electric choke carb, edelbrock 2101 intake. My issue is that it will not start 95% of the time. When I do get it running it wants to die. I have found TDC and lined up the distributor with spark plug #1. It's getting spark, but it is only orange and not blue like many forums have mentioned (not sure if this matters to get it started). Brand new starter in it, seems to be cranking over normal speed. I recently pulled the top of the carb apart and checked the floats, all appeared good. I may have missed some detail, please ask. Thanks ahead of time!
  2. yoymon

    yoymon New Member

    is it fireing at all? what does it do when it does start? run rough?
  3. robrob

    robrob New Member

    I have had it start twice and I have to keep it at a fairly high idle than normal. It roughs good but if I let it run for any length of time it will start to hesitate and finally just stall out. I just picked up an adjustable spark gap tester today and it barely makes a spark with only a couple mm gap
  4. tbplus10

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    Orange spark definately doesnt sound right, should be blue, much hotter.
    Check the grounds on the HEI unit.
    Are you also using new wires?
    Are you sure the HEI unit is putting out correct spark?
    Good cap and button?

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