1982 GMC K2500 Fire Truck that won't crank.

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    Hi, we're a volunteer fire department with a 1982 GMC K2500 brush truck that refuses to crank. I am a Ford person and not well versed with GM products. here's the problem:

    Turn the key and no crank, all lights dim as they would except when trying to start.

    1, Checked the battery and load tested it, it's good.
    2, Checked B- from block to Battery, it's good.
    3, Took the starter off and bench tested it, it's good
    4, Hooked up a test like to starter solenoid circuit and turned the key, no 12v to starter.
    5, Traced wire back to firewall, no breaks
    6, Went under dash and looked for breaks, could not find any but VERY poor condition.
    7, Thought might be a bad ignition switch so we replaced it.
    8, Got it back together and still will not crank.

    I'm stumped!!! Anyone know anything else we can do? It's a 5.7 with a stick shift.
  2. dualdj1

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    those things are pretty simple, if you don't have 12v to the relay when turning the key, you've probly got a short (especially if you're lights are dimming). Kinda surprised it hasn't blown a fuse or fuseable link though. Just have to keep testing and tracing till you find the short. Another way to verify short is to pull the wire off at the relay, and check to see if it's grounded. believe it should be open when not in use.
  3. KidHauler

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    Also check the small ground from B- to the fender. It's about a 16ga, but you'd be amazed what won't work if it fails.
    If I recall, there is also a braided ground at the back of the engine to the firewall.

    Do the rest of the electrics work? Radio, siren, lights? Is it dual battery?

    Good luck,

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