1983 s10 406 swap

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    I picked up a 83 s10 and I have a 406 im planning to drop in her.. my question is what do I buy for a rear end ? I know I want posi and possibly 373 or 410 ratio. what do I have and what do I need to buy so everything fits correctly? do I have a 7.5 26 spline? should I get 28 spline if I want to take the truck to the track? what chevys came with 28 spline so I can go to the junk yard ?
  2. BurbanMan

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    wouldnt hurt my feelings to grab a disk brake rear end out of an s10 or blazer ta/camaro

    Are you willing to cut down an axle housing or do you want something that is close to plug and play?
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  3. tbplus10

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    A popular durable axle for an S-10 big block build used to be a 67 to 72 chevy/gmc 1/2 ton truck axle, springs, and locating bars.
    Next in line would be an early 70's rear axle set-up.
    If you want disc brakes look at a Lincoln sedan or navigator/expedition set-up.
    theres shops that make swap kits for all of these.

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