1984 Blazer

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    I just purchased an 84 Blazer. With the exception of the floor sheetmetal outside the frame rails shes in fantastic shape. Tranny was rebuilt 10k miles and about 4 years ago. Not one ding or dent in the body just a few minor rust spots. The owner prior to me kept records of everything (hard to find nowadays). This is my first truck that Ive owned, so I will be on here quite a bit asking for advice. I fell in love with these vehicles the day my dad brought home his 1995 two door tahoe brand new (still drives it today). I was getting the muscle car itch the last few months. With muscle cars shooting through the roof in price I dont see that as an option just yet. So now I have ole Bertha to satisfy my itch.

    1984 Blazer - 305 (H)
    2007 Santa Fe - 3.3L
    2004 Sonata - 2.7L
    2001 grandprix GTP - 3.8 SC - sold
    1996 grandprix GTP - 3.4L - sold
    1979 firebird - transplant 455 - sold
    1981 firebird - 231 - sold
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    First off welcome to the site. second congrats on the good find. I think you will deffinently be happy with it. Lets see some pics of her.

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