1984 k1500 no start

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by kbeve321, May 15, 2013.

  1. kbeve321

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    Hey everyone this is my first post here and im hoping you guys can help me out. I bought a 1984 gmc k1500 last summer which ran fine. I went away to school and it sat without being started so when i was finally home it would not turn over. I put the battery on a charger it would not hold a charge so i replaced the battery. I let me friend hook up the new battery which he did backwards. After this it would not crank, i checked the fuses all fine, i checked if battery voltage was getting to the starter it was so now the starter is currently jumped straight from the battery. The truck cranks now but will not fire. I checked fuel which it is getting i then grounded out a spark plug wire got nothing. I took the cap off the distributor and the rotor is turning so i checked how many volts was getting to the distributor. When cranking the volts drop to about 8, 8.5 so i jumped directly from the battery to the distributor still got the same voltage. What do you think the problem is would hooking the battery backwards go all the way back enough to screw up the ignition coil or the distributor or even fry the ecu. Is the ignition switch the problem any input would be appreciated.
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    You seem to have tried most things I was going to suggest. Things can get fried with hooking battery up backwards. Hopefully some others with more expertise in this area will be able to help. May even see about getting this thread moved to a different sub forum like the General Chevy and GM Tech section. It may get more views there.

    Also welcome to the club.
  3. offroadmaine

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    i would suggest replacing the ignition coil and seeing where that gets you it is hard to tell what might have gotten fried in the process with the battery but the coil is the main part in the ditributor to give you spark the rest is just directing the spark to the right spot at the right time. So start by replacing the coil and let us know where thats gets you
  4. kbeve321

    kbeve321 New Member

    thanks guys and ill replace the coil and see if that helps other people have been sayin to check the ecu is there any way to test that or just swap another one in the only thing that makes me nervous about this truck is that the guy i bought it from didnt really know anything and theres taped and spliced wires everywhere.
  5. offroadmaine

    offroadmaine New Member

    ya that would make me nervouse to but at the same time whatever he had done was working in the beginning so it should still be working but i would deff go through the wiring and see if maybe something has come undone or loose just to make sure it isnt something dumb like that. And on testing the ecu im sure there is a way but my guess is it requires special equipment so ive always just gotten my hands on one to swap it out with and see if it fixed my problem before i bought one. (maybe you have a buddy with the same style truck that you could plug and play just to test it)
  6. kbeve321

    kbeve321 New Member

    yeah thats true ill check everything over and get that ignition coil and see if it changes anything as well as the ecu its just an old gm truck i figured there couldnt be that many things to go wrong haha

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