1984 suburban rear window stuck down

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    Hi I'm new and got a ?, imagine that

    My 1984 Suburban rear sliding window is stuck down. I have no power going to the wring back there and I checked the fuses. I took out the sensor that dected if the door was shut. Does anyone know of a wiring diagram for these online? Or does anyone have any suggestions. How do I get the window up to reach the motor and stuff behind the glass. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried searching for info on this already on the forum.
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    Check out LMC truck for an exploded view that might help. L MC The regulator, safety switch, actuator switch, or motor could be bad. Check out this website if you need these chev parts www.gmpartsclub.com
    I found this info on another forum that may help: (from: dieselplace.com)

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    A basic wiring diagram might be in an aftermarket repair manual sold at auto parts stores or might be at your library.

    A complete wiring diagram with troubleshooting instructions for this would be in a GM Factory Service Manual set which you probably could order from helminc.com (Older vehicles have several different books to the set like a separate electrical diagrams service manual.)

    If you can get to the wires and there is no power there, and you know for sure which wire is which. You could cut a wire or disconnect a connector and run a wire from your battery to get the window up. BE DARN SURE you know what you are doing before doing this! Otherwise you can cause a lot of damage.

    I was going to mention about switches back there, but you are ahead of me on that one!
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    Thank you everyone for your help.

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