1985 Chevy Astro Transmission Issue

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by eaglegcil, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. eaglegcil

    eaglegcil New Member

    Hi, i have an 85 astro van, it has a 1989 700r4 trans, and it acts like it's constantly in passing gear, has plenty of low end, but lacks at hiway speeds, and floor it to engage passing gear, and nothing happens. has been this way since the trans was installed. thanks.
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  2. Cableguy

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    Sounds to me like kick down linkage isn't set up right. If what your saying is it won't pull back passing gear.
  3. Dj Friction

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    Possible that the gear shift leveler is not set to Drive, but maybe 2nd??????

    Just a Thought????
  4. eaglegcil

    eaglegcil New Member

    Hmm, i was under the influeance the trans don't use a Per Say, Kick Down Cable, but a Throttle Valve System. I don't know, the trans is out of a 89 Astro. as for the gear selector, i'v checked it, and it's dead on. Sits right on D like it's supposed to. and is exactly 3 clicks from Park.
  5. eaglegcil

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    I'v exausted all my ideas, anyone know anything about the Throttle Valve systems on an 89 model year 700R4 being bolted to an 85 model year 4.3L 4BBL
  6. bobby

    bobby New Member

    my own experience

    The tv cable controls kickdown and main line pressure.If it is not adjusted correctly it will not let TCC lockup (no OD)!.I know this from expeience ,I accidentally bent the TV cable bracket ,when I torqued the valve body to case ,everything worked exept OD .I had to remove the oil pan several times (not fun)
    here is the link on correct TV cable adjustment ,I would start here first. http://www.tvmadeez.com/article/index.html
    If that does not fix,I would start checking for constant 12v voltage at the lock up solenoid,pressure check 4rth gear pressure switch and check resistance on ground(controls lock up)side of circuit. check all connections.OH, almost forgot a closed brake switch will not let you go into OD.
    Good luck.
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  7. eaglegcil

    eaglegcil New Member

    Thanks Bobby, Very Good Page Link There. Is Informative, Will be checking that out tomorrow, might be able to keep from installing a new trans in to the van. would be nice, although, i do have a new one now just haven't put it in yet, anyway, will look into that tommorrow, thanks for the link. Your a big help here...
  8. bobby

    bobby New Member

    more help

    check for bad solenoid switch .check for constant 12v at TCC solenoid(red).and pressure check pressure switch you will have to remove (yellow) check all ground connections leading to thermo switch.check your main connection to the case.

    but first start by checking TV cable adjustment. good luck

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