1985 k20

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by nlocho11, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Hey guys I was hoping some of you could give me some insight on a truck I'm looking at, mostly the engine. its a 1985 K20 with a 350, single cab with 83k (Not sure if that's on the body or engine, or both, finding out). I really don't know anything about this, I just started to really familiarize myself with my 04 V8 Vortec, and since my little brother's turning 16 I decided I'd be nice and give him mine. Anything you guys could tell me to help me avoid getting a lemon would be great
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    I'd look it over closely for the obvious things, oil leaks, fuel leaks, water leaks, rust, check the brake wear, check the compression. Take it on a long test drive & listen for abnormal noises. Put it in 4 low & hi & make sure everything works. Look close along the bottoms of the fenders & doors for rust, or small bubbles in the paint. If the drains get plugged, this is a good place for rust to start.
    BTW that's a nice gift for his 16th BD:great:
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    Stephan reallly hit all the hot spots for sure. I've owned 2 '85,s and 3 '86's. Another thing is the rearends seals bearings and differential. These are great trucks and that 350 if it is solid is probably the best motor chevy came out with. Parts are pretty easy to get through LMC and are pretty reasonably priced. The downfall are the rust spots in the areas Stephan mentioned. Good Luck and I hope the truck is sound cause they are really great trucks in my honest opion.

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