1985 K5 Blazer 4X4 for sale

Discussion in 'GM Vehicle Classifieds' started by brucej1963, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. brucej1963

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    Hello everyone, I purchased a K5 for my son and I to build into a show truck....well as things do in life the plan didnt happen. So I have a great Blazer that is taken apart and is ready for paint and reassembly. It runs great, and the body has no rust, with the exception of a bit at the corner of the windshield frame that we found when we pulled it out. But there is none in the floor or rest of body. So, if someone is looking to finish this up, let me know. I really dont want to part it out, it is just too nice. I have put before and current condition pictures. Text me 817 909 9677 or email me at brucej1963@yahoo.com. I am just north of Fort Worth Texas. Name is Bruce

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  2. mfleetwood

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    Out of curiosity, how much are you looking to get? It may be helpful if people know an approximate price.

    Tires look to have some meat left btw....
  3. brucej1963

    brucej1963 New Member

    Thanks for reply. I would like to get 2700. Yes the tires are in great shape. U just can't find these with no rust. Hoping someone is looking for something like this. Will take offers.
  4. brucej1963

    brucej1963 New Member

    Should have put $2000 on price. Make me an offer.

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