1986 C10 Running Very Rough

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    I have a 1986 C10 Custom with a pretty much stock 305. When I got it the truck ran rich and never had a smooth idle. I went through the receipts and the previous owner purchased a new long block from a local parts store back in 2004. The truck also has a new automatic transmission just recently installed. It has a remanufactured QuadraJet 4 barrel carb and a bunch of vacuum lines have been either removed or plugged off.
    I bought a 1406 Edelbrock from a local car builder. Each carb he builds are also tested on his stock small block that he has on an engine stand. He is retired from the working world, but has been rebuilding carbs and selling them for over 20 years. With that said...
    He mentioned I may have to adjust it just a tad to fine tune it for my engine.
    I bought an Edelbrock adapter (EDL 2732) from O'Reilly's so my Edelbrock with fit on the stock GM manifold. I also purchased a fitting for my TV cable, fuel line and a inline filter.
    I got everything hooked up, but am having major problems with it running smoothly. When I started the truck up it shot black soot out of the exhaust, smelled very badly, idled rough and sounded like I had a huge vacuum leak, but cannot find it anywhere. When I put the truck into gear it would die. Starts right back up, but then die again when in gear.

    The night I brought the truck home (with the quadra jet carb on) it would blow out light smoke upon deacceleration. My buddy was following me and said it smelled like I was just pouring out fuel.
    With the Edelbrock on there are not as many vacuum lines that connect to it. I am not sure what to plug and what to use. Most of them were off anyway. I live in a state with VERY lax emissions laws and no inspections. I did however block off my EGR valve because the carb would not fit if it was left on. I made my own block off plate out of aluminum and gasketed it.
    I really need some ideas on how to smooth this truck out so I can finally drive it daily. Thanks

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