1987 c10 positive?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by nizmo240sx, Jan 18, 2011.

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    im doing this for a cousin..he has had the truck for well over 10 years now it has been parked for over a year in a body shopwe recently got it and doing a tune up with alot of goodies for the motor.. the question is he wants to make it positive or posi trac i dont know what is called what are the parts that he needs ...im a more of a import guy..any help would be apreciated. thanks
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    Posi trac is a limited slip for the rear end. There are different kinds, but most consist of clutches to link both axels together so they both drive at the same time, rather than haveing one axel drive while the other one slips. Randys Ring & Pinion is a well respected outlet for these parts you need & is also one of the best priced..
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    do they have a website.. i dont worry about this stuff to much on my car i have a welded differential on my 92 nissan 240sx..lol..
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