1987 Sierra Classic Speedometer

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Glenn_11-14, May 13, 2011.

  1. Glenn_11-14

    Glenn_11-14 New Member

    My Sierra Classic has been sitting in the grass for almost two months, and the reason why is because my speedometer is no longer working. First it was off by almost exactly 10 mph, and then after a while, it started to flicker up and down till it finally quit. I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems and if there's any easy fixes/ common causes[​IMG].
  2. Glenn_11-14

    Glenn_11-14 New Member

    About two months ago my speedometer for my 1987 Sierra Classic started flickering up and down until it finally quit alltogether. I was wondering if this was a common issue and if there was an easy fix.
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    Hey Glen, do you know if this is an electric speedo or a cable driven one? They used both back in those years. If it's cable driven then lubeing the cable & the speedo head usually stops the jumping, but if it's finally stopped at this point then maybe the cable finally broke from the resistance. If it's the electric type then maybe it's the stepper motor for the speedo, if they used them back then. Mike ('99HEARTBEAT) is really good on the stepper motors, so if he doesn't see this thread, & if you determine that it's electric send him a p. message.
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    mine only jumps when its cold

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