1988 1500 silvrado starting issues

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by RayRayDoet, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Hi everyone. i have i 1988 chevy silvrado 1500 5.7 4x4 i had starting problem that came to be the starter. the bakeolite on the starter was shot so i replaced it along with the battery and altinator. it worked for a little then now again when it gets hot it wont start like wont turn over at all. one time i changed the starter and it worked again. now it starts fine when its cold then long day of driving it wont start after until it cools down. but it doesnt turn over at all at that point. i am not sure if there is a relay that wont let starter turn over, i no there solinoid but its frustrating. im pretty good with cars and doing electrical, as i am electrician also and have 2 race cars i built my self but this just is not working out for me. i am about to put carb on it with hi end starter and switch in cab and forget all the electronics in this truck

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