1988-1995 Engine and other parts WANTED!!!!

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    LOWER_88_STEPSIDE New Member

    Hi I have a new project truck and I am on the hunt! I am looking for a 5.7 tbi and 5 speed tranny for a fair price or the whole truck if priced right! I really need alot of other stuff just let me know what ya have the truck is trashed! Also my truck is a 2 wheel drive.
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  2. 454burb

    454burb New Member

    where are you at i have a suburban 2wd that has a good motor and trans plus straight body except grille and bumper have been sold already

    LOWER_88_STEPSIDE New Member

    Logan West Virginia zip 25601 Thanks for the help!
  4. Bigg G

    Bigg G Member

    I got a chrome grille & primered front smoothie bumper I pulled from a 98 Silverado with a blown engine. I think they're both aftermarket so I'm asking $75.00 for the pair.
  5. 1_low_rider

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    craigslist.com is usually a good place to find people selling complete motors pretty cheap. you can also find them on ebay for around $500 sometimes.....there was a guy on craigslist in my local area last week with 2 complete 350's and a 427 for $175 a piece!!! i would seriously suggest checking out that site.

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