1988 Chevy 1500 pick up truck

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    I am having a problem with replacing a o2 sensor in the exhaust manifold on a 350 cu in. I can't get the new part to catch a thread. I have cleaned the threads. Still no help! The threads look good. I have tried two different parts and the last part was directly GM. I am guessing my next step is to chase the threads but what tap size do I need or does anyone have an idea what to do? You can email me @ jreach44@gmail.com
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    JReach44 - The first thing I would do before resorting to modifying the truck permanently is make sure that there isn't multiple part numbers for your year and style truck. Take the O2 sensor that you removed and compare it to the one you purchased. Is it the same size? Same style? Same thread? If need be, take the old sensor to the parts store with you and have them match it up.

    The '88 and '89 years were transition years for the C/K models. You may have a C1500, but it might need parts meant for an R/V (not to be confused with Recreational Vehicle) model. Just something to check.

    Good luck.

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