1988 gmc 3500 454 tbi

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    Thanks again to everyone on here, great site, great folks, and tons of info. Heres my latest problem with my 88 GMC 454. When i start off going down the road, the truck acts like it is starved for gas and then as soon as it hits second gear, away we go, plenty of power and acts like nothing ever happend. ( This happens if the truck is warmed up or not.) I have new spark plugs, new wires, new alternator, new battery, have ran seafoam through it,new transmission modulator, and nothing seems to help. Any ideas? I dont need to be pulling out at an intersection and this thing bog down on me.
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    Could be a bad TPS. Is your fuel filter good as well? Also make sure that you don't have any vaccume leaks exspecialy the one thats going to your MAP sensor. Does it idle fine too? If not could be an EGR issure where the valve is open more than it should be. Sometimes engines will bog more in lower gears and not so much in a higher one because your not trying to get up to speed so your not requiring as much power from the engine. So check your fuel filter, air filter, vac lines ect. Do you have a service engine light on too?

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