1988 GMC Jimmy ( Full Size) 454 A/C install

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    I am trying to install a A/C into my Jimmy with a 454. The factory motor was the 350, but it has been swapped to a 454. I was wondering if anybody has ever done this A/C install. I do not have the brackets first of all that the compressor bolts onto. I think that is my first step to find the brackets. It would be a big help if somebody would know where i could locate these brackets online or at a local parts store. I live in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I have the accumulator and evaporator intact. The Condensor as well. I dont know exactly what type of truck the 454 came out of so i have nothing to go on. I also need the lines from the compressor to the condensor and from the condensor to the accumulator and evaporator. It would be awesome if somebody could post pictures of how they did it if anybody has done this before.
  2. K15 Blazer Guy

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    ok first thing you should do is just go the bone yard and find a truck with a 454
    should be fairly easy. theyre awesome.
    if you can, get one with R134, NOT R12 youll pay a ton to recharge an R12.
    if not, no big deal.
    the most important things to get would be the brackets and bolts. for everything. and take a camera too. take a ton of pictures before you start.
    as for the controlls... you can either get them out of the truck or buy someting universal.
    when it comes to things like lines though, just buy new ones. if you get all the parts out of the junkyard truck youll know exactly what to tell the parts store for year, make, ect ect.
    then have someone else charge it. so it will be under warranty.
    Good luck!

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